About Us

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Beauty Purple White Classy Neons

Beauty 411 is your go-to source for everything about beauty.

Our website offers expert advice on skincare, haircare, nails, fragrance, and makeup.

Our Story

Beauty 411 started with a vision to make beauty accessible to all. So we created a platform where anyone could learn about beauty care.

Meet the Team

Lexie Hobbs

Lexie Hobbs: Lexie brings over seven years of experience as a hair stylist to Beauty 411. She excels at transforming looks with basic tools. Lexie shares her love for hair through tips, trends, and personal stories.

Abby Norton

Abby Norton: Abby is a self-taught makeup artist who started her journey in her bedroom. She learned her craft through trial and error, using affordable products. Abby offers simple, impactful advice to help you enhance your beauty routine.


Evelyn Martins: Evelyn has years of experience in the beauty industry. She specializes in skincare, perfumes, and body care. Eve knows how to match products to skin types and loves to help people find confidence in their skin.

First-Hand Experiences

We value trust, authenticity, and knowledge. Beauty 411 operates on the principle that everyone deserves access to beauty advice that works.

We believe in authentic advice. You can trust our recommendations because we test them ourselves.

Our reviews and advice come from real experience and expertise. We build trust by being your reliable source.

Stay With Us

Choose Beauty 411 for expert advice that is easy to understand and apply. We offer a supportive community where you can learn about beauty care. Our simple approach makes beauty accessible to everyone.

We constantly update our content based on new insights and feedback so that Beauty 411 can remain your trusted source.